Our Summer 2021 Alward Lab photo! This is the first time getting folks together for a photo since the lab began in 2019. Thank you vaccines!
Top, left to right: Jacqueline Bahrami, Mariana Lopez, Villa Matovu, Megan Lean, Lillian Jackson, Alex Ferrer
Bottom, left to right: Mark Mathews, Andrew Hoadley, Beau Alward, Uchenna Inoma
Not present: Richanda Berry, Mariam Dumitrascu, and Kamille Hernandez

Beau Alward, PhD
Principal Investigator of the Social Neuroscience Lab
Beau got his PhD from Johns Hopkins University and was an Arnold O. Beckman Fellow at Stanford University. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and has a joint appointment (by courtesy) in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry. He is interested in how our brains process social information and generate appropriate physiological and behavioral responses. He is a member of the Developmental, Cognitive, and Behavioral Neuroscience (DCBN) Program in the Department of Psychology.

Andrew Hoadley, MA
Lab Technician/Manager
Andrew received his BA in Biology from Colgate University and his MA in Biology from Boston University. He is interested in studying the neural basis of social behavior using sophisticated behavioral observations and cutting-edge genetic techniques.

Lillian Jackson, BS
PhD Student, DCBN Program
Lillian received her BS in Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Austin. She is interested in the role that social context plays in altering the neural mechanisms of behavior. Additionally, she is interested in finding distinctions between reproductive and aggressive behaviors that are performed by both sexes. She is a PhD student in DCBN Program.

Mariana Lopez, BS
PhD Student, DCBN Program
Currently Mariana’s interests include investigating aggression in A.burtoni males deficient of functional androgen receptor (AR) genes and how the neural mechanisms associated with aggression differ from the norm. She is a PhD student in DCBN Program.

Undergraduate and High School Research Assistants

Jacqueline Bahrami (2021-Present) (2022 PURS Awardee)

Mariam Diramatscu (2021-Present)

Kamille Hernandez (2020-Present) (Summers only; Glenda Dawson High School)

Megan Lean (2019-Present) (2021 SURF Awardee)

Mark Mathews (2019-Present) (2021 SURF Awardee)

Villa Matovu (2021-Present)

Lab Alumni

Richanda Berry (Now: UT San Antonio Clinical and Mental Health Counseling Masters Program)

Uchenna Inoma (Now: Lonza Bioscience)

Humayd Mirza (Now: Kosten Addiction Lab at UH)

Rohail Siddiqi (Now: Kosten Addiction Lab at UH)

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